the following update was taken verbatim from The reformed FEAR FACTORY — now consisting of Christian Olde Wolbers (guitar/bass), Raymond Herrera (drums), and Burton C. Bell (vocals) — have posted for download 45-second samples of three cuts from their recently-recorded demo. The songs available for preview are as follows: 01. Slave Labor 02. Corporate Cloning 03. Archetype A fourth cut recorded during the same sessions, "Bite The Hand That Feeds", was not made available for download, but is believed to be among the tracks planned for inclusion on the band's upcoming studio album, tentatively due in late 2003. At the time of this writing, it is not clear if Roadrunner Records will exercise their contractual option to issue the group's next studio album, which will mark the band's first release without guitarist/co-founder Dino Cazares. FEAR FACTORY unceremoniously split in early March after announcing the departure of Bell, whose personality clashes with Cazares proved to be too much for the frontman to handle, eventually forcing him to leave the group. Subsequent interviews with Cazares and Herrera revealed deep-rooted differences between the other members and Dino, who has since announced plans to launch an as-yet-unnamed new project.