Soulfly 3: "Last time I reviewed a Soulfly effort I asked that Max at least consider his 'Roots!' Thankfully my request was heard...What 'Primitive' lacked this CD has! The anger is there as well as the energy. The Max Cavalera I grew up with returns with a vengeance. As a long time fan I say thank you." For full review, click HERE. Various Artists Road Rules: Don't Make Me Pull This Thing Over, vol I: "To me there should be three purposes to compilation CD's: First, it should be used as a vehicle to introduce new music to the masses. Second, it should introduce new tunes from recognized bands: music that will be appearing on future albums! Third, to be an avenue for bands to release unreleased material! The "Road Rules: Don't Make Me Pull This Thing Over" hits the nail on the head with all three...Sure, "Road Rules" and "Real World" are cheesy, and MTV sucks the dick of anything popular. But the mere fact that bands like The Get Up Kids and The Rise(hardcore/industrial) can share a compilation with the likes of the Deftones, New Found Glory, Hoobastank, and Jimmy Eat World speak volumes for how far the record industry has of the better compilations for the simple reason it is chock full of bands people have more then likely never heard on the radio or MTV. Who would have thought Haste would be on an MTV compilation?" For full review, click HERE. Murderdolls From Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls: "Murderdolls is a "shockingly" entertaining band that mashes together the Misfits, Amen, the Sex Pistols and get this, Skid Row! Sound disgusting? It is……in a sickly perverse and overly entertaining kind of way...Fucking cool." For full review, click HERE. Fear Factory Concrete: "When I popped the CD in I was knocked out of my chair. Burton sings far different from what we are used to. Think death metal! His low end growl propels the whole record. The guitar work even has an aura of death about it. The tune that epitomizes the essence of the record is in fact 'Concrete'...Fear Factory had one last dying breath for the hardcore fans. 'Concrete' was the record they recorded with Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Glassjaw) before they signed with Roadrunner. This was the record that got FF signed and on to a highly successful career. And the best part, it was never leaked to the public! A real treat for any FF fan!" For full review, click HERE. downthesun downthesun: "Downthesun falls into a category with the likes of Slipknot, Mudvayne, American Headcharge, and Nothingface. Furious drums, meaty guitars, and two vocalist's that are reminiscent of Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) and Matt Holt (Nothingface)..., they are tight, and can kick your ass." For full review, click HERE. We thank MegaKungFu for taking the time to listen to our goods...and no, they are not on our payroll (read the full reviews, you'll see). All of the above albums are in stores now, with the exception of Murderdolls (8/20 release) and downthesun (10/01 release)