With the release of their Roadrunner debut, the Shout EP, De Novo Dahl are poised to take creativity to strange new heights. Sample the irrisistible "Shout," and you'll see that De Novo Dahl's music mixes electronic layers with more spare vintage garage-rock sounds, to arrive at a modern, completely engaging axis of experimentation and catchy songcraft. The Shout EP is available exclusive at INDIE retail and for download from your favorite digi-store.

Here is the EP's track list:
1. Shout [Popple Mix]
2. Sexy Come Lately
3. Dance Like David
4. Crap Your Pants Say Shout
5. Sexy Mr. Falcon Jive Mister
6. Dance Like David Bason

Look for De Novo Dahl to hit the road this fall, on tour with Hot Hot Heat, and to learn more about the Nashville natives, visit their brand new ECARD.