Times of Grace frontman Jesse Leach returns with another installment of his Gun Shy Assassin blog "Check Your Head." This week, the multi-talented vocalist is looking at the notion of 'celebrity' and examining the universal obsession with fame. 
Writes Leach, "Over the past few weeks I have been doing phone interviews and press all around the world. Not only have I been able to talk about the record of my career The Hymn of a Broken Man but I have had great discussions and conversations, 'off the record' as well. It always strikes me when people say to me, 'Wow, you are a real down-to-Earth guy.' It begs the question: How many musicians out there are not? For the record, I do not own a television (I have not for years), I don’t pay attention to mainstream news, gossip and celebrity magazines, newspapers, etc. However, as of late, I have been rather intrigued by entertainers and celebrities, and the lives they lead, as well as people who are fanatics versus people who simply just 'support' artists. It seems to me in our society (especially here in the U.S.), we take all privacy away from people and put them on these unrealistic pedestals. How do fans help solidify and perpetuate this 'celebrity status?'"
Go right here to read what else he had to say, and stay tuned for more from Jesse as he continues writing for Gun Shy Assassin and as his band Times of Grace get ready to release their stunning debut album The Hymn of a Broken Man on January 18, 2011.
Times of Grace are unveiling snippets of each track on the album along with the gorgeous visual aids that will come with the special edition of the disc. To see the first few, go right here, otherwise stay tuned for more coming next week.
In other Times of Grace news, the guys will be premiering their first official video for lead single "Strength in Numbers" later this week. Keep a look out for it, and don't miss your opportunity to download the track for free at this location for a limited time.