Times of Grace frontman Jesse Leach returns with another installment of his Gun Shy Assassin blog "Check Your Head." And this week, the multi-talented vocalist is honoring the almighty Black Sabbath
Explains Leach, "I was sitting in my living room last week having a few beers with my wife, just hanging out and playing a mix of music as we often do. Black Sabbath came up on the mix and I was just taken back as I haven’t listened to them in a while. It was one of those moments where you get so excited you want to punch something and sing at the top of your lungs!"
While Jesse refrained, he channeled his excitement into a retrospective of his own discovery of the band, and the role they played in his musical upbringing. 
He writes: "Black Sabbath…what an amazing, pioneering band! Hands down, they will always be one of my favorite true metal bands. How many bands would simply not exist because of them? Let’s not forget — as a vocalist — to mention Ozzy and Dio; two great vocalists (which is more than some bands could ever claim about just one). The massive sound of the riffs, the thundering bass and groovy drums…these guys were just in a completely different headspace than anyone at the time of their inception." 
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