Times of Grace's Jesse Leach has been keeping a regular blog at Gun Shy Assassin entitled "Check Your Head." Each week, the frontman pontificates on whatever is plaguing his mind, and this week, as news of his band embarking on their first-ever tour has been confirmed and as we get ready for the holidays, Jesse is taking a look at the bigger picture.
Writes Leach, "I am leaving my job in just days to prepare to tour again and live a life long dream — to attempt to make a living off of my art, my music. I have no guarantees I will make enough money to make ends meet, I have no security of a solidified future as a musician or artist, yet I am going for it! I know many people reading this will be like, 'OK, we would love to live that way, what’s your point?' My point is no matter what path we take in life, there are no guarantees and many, many possibilities. So what stops us from just going for it and striving to be truly alive and fulfilled regardless?! That is a rhetorical question and if there were a simple answer, I could stop here."
As Jesse goes on to explore the idea of money as a great motivator, and the "hive" mentality found in nature, he reminds us what the Gorilla Biscuits said in 1989: "Start Today."
Read the full blog post right here, and go HERE for Times of Grace's tour dates.
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