Fear Factory's "Cars", of their OBSOLETE release, will be on the soundtrack album to the Tom Green film "Freddy Got Fingered", coming out soon on Regency Film/Restless Records. Two tracks off the upcoming Fear Factory DIGIMORTAL release, "Acres Of Skin" and "Byte Block", will be on the game "Test Drive Off Road" by Infogrames. Coal Chamber's "Shock The Monkey" will be used on an upcoming award show on ESPN. You might remember a previous mention that the film "Driven" - written by, produced by, and starring Sylvester Stallone - will be using Junkie XL's track "Legion". Did we mention Sylvester Stallone is in the movie? Well, now the trailer for this film will be using Junkie XL's "Def Beat" along with Soulfly's track "Bleed", off their self titled debut release. The TV show "Roswell" (admit it, you DO watch it) will be using Coal Chamber's "El Cu Cuy" (off CHAMBER MUSIC) in an upcoming episode. The Metal Maniacs Compilation on Spitfire records will be using Soulfly's "Eye For An Eye", Spineshank's "Detached" and Deicide's "Dead By Dawn". The trailer for the film "The Forsaken" by Sony Screen Gems will be using Coal Chamber's "Loco" and Soulfly's "Mulambo". Nash Bridges, the TV show by Paramount, is using Nickelback's "Breathe". Word is that this is by direct orders from Don Johnson (actually, that could be a lie, but the part about using the track is true). The extreme motocross film from Point X "Revelation 199" will be using five our our tracks including Spineshank's "New Disease" and Downer's "Weed Eater". And last but not least, a few of you have been emailing in questions asking about the following - The ESPN Show "Whiteout" (which previously aired) featured the following Roadrunner tracks - Downer's "Last Time", Junkie XL's "No Remorse" and "Metrolike", Spineshank's "Negative Space" and "New Disease" and Machine Head's "Desire To Fire".