Just a heads up for all you collectors out there. There are a couple promo items we are making to go along with a couple of our upcoming releases. Sepultura - NATION is set for release on March 20th. As far as music promo items on this release, there is a cassette sampler. This sampler contains two tracks from the upcoming album, "Sepulnation" and "Border Wars". Where can you find it? Go see Sepultura play live...you should see various cats handing them out after Sep shows and other cool, heavy ass shows! Also, an FYI on the NATION packaging. Due to the intense nature of the artwork, there was no room to put song lyrics on the package. Fear not, we will be posting them up on our site shortly. Can't wait? Check out www.sepultribe.com. Fear Factory - DIGIMORTAL is set for release on April 24th. To go along with this release, there is going to be a promotional cd sampler. This too contains two tracks - "Linchpin" and "What Will Become". Where can you get it? Once again, as with the Sepultura sampler, go see the band LIVE! Also, we will be giving away 1000 copies here on the site, when the time is right!