"Someone say Paaaaarrrrrty??? Another kooky party track from a few labs around the globe:  LA,Toronto, Miami, NJ! ...4 party spots to say the least... Started in my “bedroom” on the computer with Me, [guitarist, vocalist] J3 and [DJ] Aero while my big studio was under construction!! We immediately called it Party Instructions as it started morphing into exactly that! Then we took it over to Joel’s (Deadmau5) studio in Toronto to drench it with more party juices and vocal sexual spankings from Sofi and BLAM! ...There ya have it! Lets party bitches!" - Tommy

"Party Instructions" is the second video offering from Methods of Mayhem's long-awaited sophomore album A Public Disservice Announcement. A collaboration with the world, the eclectic album spans genres and features samples from musicians and fans all over the globe. Go right here to get your copy now, and check out the new video by Psyberpixie below!