For all yinz guys goin' to see the H82k2 Tour - downthesun, In Flames, Soulfly, Slayer - in NYC tonight (08/13) and/or tomorrow night, please do be aware of the set times...especially if you are man enough to watch and endure downthesun's set. For if you are, you best get your sweet as to Roseland Ballroom early. Set times are as follows: DOWNTHESUN - 6:45 In Flames - 7:20 SOULFLY - 8:20 Slayer - 9:15 note: doors open at 6:45, the same time downthesun hits the stage. What's up with that? A little thing called "curfew issues" at the venue. You know what they say, early bird gets the worm. True. True, indeed.