A few more words in honor of Tony Bono... Tony Portaro (ex-WHIPLASH guitarist/vocalist): "What we need to remember is that Tony will remain with us through and beyond these times of mourning. We can reflect on how he has enlightened the lives of thousands of people in so many ways. "Although these past days have been the toughest of my life, I was fortunate to reunite with some very special people. There is an intimate group of people that I will always love and right now, Tony is the one missing. "Those closest to him know he had a tendency to lift our spirits, not only when we were down, but also when we were already on an emotional high. I have been lucky enough to have been graced with the company of, not only Tony, but also the beautiful people that he had been surrounded with throughout some of the most exciting times of his and our lives. What are Whiplash songs to most people are to us, captured moments of these fun-loving times that we shared. Like cherished photographs of long-lost loved ones, these recordings will be left behind, long after we have each taken the voyage that Tony has. These joyous times that we have spent together will live through these recordings and have their place in history with the living, long after we are all gone. "Whether it was the freedom of being on the road, the thrill and excitement, or a combination of things, it seems to me, Tony was happiest on tour. Don't get me wrong, there's no place like home, but that is something you can only truly learn to appreciate by being on the road. And, coming home after a grueling tour, filled with the glory of raging Whiplash followers, to Mom's home cooking and sleeping in your own bed, is a closing to only one chapter of his life on Earth. Although there is a commitment involved, when you are surrounded with the fans, the glory, and people you love, you form a bond that can never be broken. This bond certainly extends beyond our human existence, so I am confident that we will one day share the company of Tony Bono again. So let us imagine the passing of Tony as a Grande Finale to only one chapter somewhere in the midst of a very long, never-ending story of the Spirit of Tony Bono that will live in each of us forever." Glenn Hansen (ex-WHIPLASH vocalist): "Tony........Words cannot express the sadness in my heart. You were a truly kind soul. I will miss you. Our heavy hearts are only lifted by the thoughts and memories of your friendship. I can listen to your bass tracks and it brings back great memories , but I will miss laughing with you the most..........Until we meet again , my brother. Rest In Piece."