In case you weren't already on the case, Deicide is currently on the road with the likes of Morbid Angel and Exhumed,. Well, this current tour run, dubbed Extreme Music For Extreme People Tour 2001, is coming to an end. In fact, there are only seven dates left. They are as follows: 12/07/01 - FIRST AVENUE - MINNEAPOLIS, MN 12/08/01 - VIC THEATRE - CHICAGO, IL 12/09/01 - AGORA - CLEVELAND, OH 12/10/01 - M (Formerly Metropol) - PITTSBURGH, PA 12/12/01 - THE WORLD - NEW YORK, NY 12/13/01 - THE PALLADIUM - WORCESTER, MA 12/14/01 - JAXX - SPRINGFIELD, VA 12/16/01 - TROCADERO - PHILADELPHIA, PA Get your ass there, or burn in hell...if you can't make it to a show, for your repentance you are asked to check out live photos from the tour at new release In Torment In Hell in stores now note - Soilent Green was originally on the bill, but had to leave early due to a van crash. Details are as follows: "SOILENT GREEN were involved in an early morning van crash on December 4th, causing numerous injuries and forcing the band to cancel its touring plans for the remainder of 2001. The band's van rolled 4 times shortly after 4 am (PST) in Eastern Washington on an icy, snow-covered stretch of highway. No other vehicles were involved in the accident. Guitarist Brian Patton and bassist Scott Williams suffered broken bones in the shoulder area while the remaining members, vocalist Benjamin Falgoust, drummer Tommy Buckley and crew escaped with minor injuries. The band has cancelled their remaining dates as part of the Extreme Music For Extreme People Tour to return home and begin the recovery process."