Earlier this week it was written that Sinch is "ass deep in the recording of their Roadrunner debut." It was also written that "both their manager and A&R Rep here are apparently flipping out over what they are hearing.". And of course, "more detail to come later this week" was written too. Well, all the above still stands true, and here is the "more detail" we promised you earlier: - ALL basic tracking has been completed on this project. In fact, it was finished up yesterday (09/20) - All that is left is 5-6 days of doing some overdubs & extra vocals. - 11 songs have been recorded in total thus far. Word is that there is a 12th floating around, but it has yet to be decided if that track will or will not be recorded. - As told previously by The Production Gospel According to Dave, and confirmed today by Sinch's manager, Sinch should be completely finished recording AND mixing come the first few days in October. The plan is to start mixing by the 27th at the latest, and be finished by October 5th. At such point in time, the band will make the drive back to sweet home Philadelphia, where it will be rehearsals...and keep your eye out for some regional shows. One last thing to keep your eye out for - a self produced video from the band, to be coming to our site in the next week or two.