Just saw a cool frickin video piece which was done on Chimaira. It features interview footage with the band and live footage from their show in NYC last month. It runs about three minutes in length, and will be streamed up here on our site in the future. HOWEVER, if you can't wait that long to check out, today's you're lucky day...presuming you live in New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey (never thought you'd consider yourself lucky for living in Jersey? fair enough, I never thought I'd write those words). TODAY (09/28) on the Metrochannel's THE DAILY BEAT show (channel 70 if in Manhattan), this Chimaira piece will be shown. If you have cable in live in the tri-state area here, check it out. THE DAILY BEAT airs at 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 11:00pm tonight (all EST of course). Word is that the Chimaira piece airs at about the halfway point during this hour long program. Enjoy! debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores October 2nd