Trivium's bassist Paolo Gregoletto is a music fan through and through. When we asked about what he's been listening to, it was a simple answer: labelmates Mutiny Within.

Says Gregoletto, "Mutiny Within are probably one of the best new bands out at the moment, being able to mix their technical prowess with soaring melodic vocals like a band that has been at this for quite a while. Having had the chance to hear some of the initial tracking of the album, I was very impressed with how strong of [a] debut they had made upon its release. This album is laced with hooks and big riffs - definite Top 10 of 2009 for sure!"

Find out for yourself by watching the band's first video for lead single "Awake" below and if you like what you hear, go right here to get the album for only $5!

Mutiny Within are on the road with Dark Tranquility in the US now! Get tour dates and ticket information right here.