Trivium's Matt Heafy recently spoke to Metal Hammer about his Top Ten Essential Albums of all time, citing his favorite prog, death, Swedish and metalcore bands alike.

Starting with Martyr's Warp Zone, of which he says, "This has been a hugely influential album on me, and they’re a band that I feel are way underrated," Heafy runs through his stellar list namechecking labelmates Opeth (Blackwater Park), Killswitch Engage (Alive or Just Breathing), Machine Head (Through the Ashes of Empire) and Death (The Sound of Perseverance) just to name a few.

Among the ten album's chosen, Heafy says of one of them, "There’s a whole slew of bands that I never really mention that were a big influence on me for the Ascendency style... In interviews we would talk about our ‘metal’ influences, but lately I’ve been wanting to shed some light on the other end."

Find out which one that was and see the whole ten here, along with Heafy's reasoning for choosing each album.

Trivium have just released a three-part video series on the making of their God of War-inspired song "Shattering the Skies Above." Watch them right here and for more on the band as they work on their next album in the studio, check