Matt Heafy and Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium recently gave an interview to Loudwire; in it, they talk about how the band has improved from 2011's In Waves to their latest album, Vengeance Falls, what kind of supplies are on their tour bus, and much more.

Says Paolo about drummer Nick Augusto, "He did amazing on In Waves but to see how he’s grown as a drummer on recording and even live, he was a lot more comfortable in his own skin playing with Trivium now. I think he’s found his style within the band whereas when he first came in, coming from really extreme music, his mind was going 200 miles an hour. Now he really thinks musically with how he writes his drum parts. We did the drums fast, we did it in two parts but combined it was only about five days total."

The band is eating a lot healthier than on previous tours; Paolo says the bus looks like a Whole Foods inside, and Matt admits to stocking "Kombucha, apple cider vinegar, organic honey and peanut butter" and says, "We’re dudes that don’t really stay up on a show day, we have a couple guys that don’t drink or do anything but they still hang. Me and Paolo, we don’t drink if there’s a show the next day but yeah, the stoners eat the food out pretty quick. But they’re eating really healthy, just a lot of it."

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