Trivium frontman Matt Heafy was on the Full Metal Jackie radio show this past weekend, and a transcript of that interview is up now on Matt talked to her about headlining in front of 20,000 people in Bulgaria, how they're changing up their set on the current Trespass America tour, growing up on the road, and much more.

Says Matt about Bulgaria, "We weren’t supposed to headline but the headliner canceled and they were like, 'Trivium is actually the same size of the band that was supposed to be headlining anyway so why don't you just play for two hours?' It was ridiculous. It’s probably top three, one of the coolest things to ever happen in my life."

Regarding Trespass America, he says, "We’re changing the set but we’re not tailoring it to specifically what we feel the crowd wants but playing what we want to play and we’re still finding that the fans are completely digging it, fans of other bands. We’ve been doing incredibly well with Five Finger Death Punch, their fans know exactly what to do every single one of our songs."

Matt has no regrets about the path Trivium's taken to get where they are; he says, "I think every single mistake that we make makes us stronger, into what we are in the end, and I’m fortunate that every terrible thing – I know it sounds very grim – but every terrible thing that ever happened to me personally back when we were starting up like, I mean, having to grow up in the public eye, that’s something that most bands don’t have to do, they’re usually in their mid-20s when they come out with their first record. Having to do all that and making missteps with image or things that I may have said, I wouldn’t change any of it, and I’m sure there will be more things that I’ll mess up, but it only makes me learn from mistakes to become a better and stronger person."

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The Trespass America tour continues through August 28; find a show near you!