Trivium frontman Matt Heafy was interviewed by Gibson guitars recently, and he talked about his soon-to-be-released Epiphone signature guitar, touring, and more.

Said Heafy about the Epiphone, "The big thing, for me, is that I need to be able to use it live. And I want the same guitar I play live and in the studio to be the same one you can buy in the store. Affordability was also big for me. We have a lot of young fans just starting off, and they can’t go in and afford the custom guitars. So, I wanted it to play as close to the classic, original Les Paul, and I want the people who buy it to be getting the exact same thing they see in videos and live on stage, verses a different metal or grade."

He also talked about metal culture in general, saying, "In the U.S. and U.K., I think metal is in an odd spot. It’s looked at as a genre of music and less as a lifestyle and lifelong commitment. It’s beyond music to us. It’s a lifestyle to us. When you look at European vs. American festivals, there is nothing like a European metal fest over here. In Europe, you’ll have 100,000 people who are pure metal fans, and it’s paradise for someone into metal. Sometime, I hope that mentality starts making its way back in here."

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