The UK magazine Front recently sat Trivium frontman Matt Heafy down for a "Twenty Questions" interview; among the subjects discussed are his exotic eating habits, meeting famous people, unwelcome sights, and more.

When asked what the worst thing he's ever eaten was, Heafy replied, "The worst-sounding thing I enjoyed was locusts in Japan. It sounds terrifying but was actually really good. The thing that I recall not liking but would try again was raw squid marinated in its own raw guts. It tasted like licking the inside of a whale’s blowhole."

However, when asked about the worst idea he's ever had, he said, "I recently ate from an Indian buffet in a truck stop gas station. That fucked me up."

He was also asked what his favorite curse word is, and said, "Someone once counted how many times I said fuck in a set and it was 50 times in a 45-minute set. That was way back when we first started. It’s a lot less now."

Read the whole thing - it's funny.

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