Trivium recently completed a UK tour and are on to Europe; while in Birmingham, England, Matt Heafy talked to about touring the world, what the band hoped to achieve with each of their albums, and much more.

Says Heafy, "The big thing for us with In Waves was to make the kind of music we wanted to hear as metal fans; we weren’t thinking of writing for something. With Ember [to Inferno] and Ascendancy we made just the music that we wanted to hear. With The Crusade we made the kind of music that was still Trivium, but we felt that maybe non-Ascendancy fans could appreciate; that was the big thing with The Crusade. Shogun was a conscious effort of ‘let’s make something that’s very progressive for us.’ With In Waves it was none of that… It was, let’s make what we want to hear, back to the basics… I’m trying to think of the most eloquent way to say we were just pleasing ourselves [laughs], but that’s the only way I can say it, so yeah."

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