Trivium frontman Matt Heafy was on Full Metal Jackie's syndicated radio show last week; you can listen to the interview at this link. During the conversation, he talks about the way he feels the band's forthcoming album, Vengeance Falls, is a synthesis of all their strengths, saying, "We had to grow up in the public eye, we had to figure out how we were supposed to dress and perform onstage. A lot of other bands had years to figure that out in their local scenes. Our local scene was spent 12 years old, 16 years old, playing bars in Orlando and instantly starting touring the world. So, I guess with every record we've figured out more and more of what we are. What we do best as a band. If I had to be very critical of Vengeance Falls, it captures the best key ingredients of the previous five records. Speaking in terms of everything that can be done on the record: lyrics, visuals, songwriting and instrumentation. All of that, I think, every key ingredient from the past five records is present in Vengeance Falls. I think it came with time."

Vengeance Falls will be available everywhere October 15; pre-order your copy now!

Trivium's North American tour begins this Saturday—find a show near you!