Trivium frontman Matt Heafy was interviewed by the Phoenix New Times recently; in the piece, he discusses the regimen he undertakes to keep his voice in shape on the road; how each of the band's albums has been received over the years; and more.

Says Matt, "Corey [Beaulieu], our lead guitar player who does back-up screaming live, he does the exact opposite of me. He can drink vodka before a show, on stage, and after a show and be totally fine. I think if I were just screaming it would be fine, and I wouldn't have to take as much care of myself as I do. There are a couple singers out there, like Ronnie James Dio, for example, who never warmed up before a show, who drank red wine all the time, and did whatever he wanted and sang perfectly. There are a couple guys like that in the world but it's few and far between. David [Draiman] and I are the type of singers that require much warm-up, and much tedious care in order to do what our audience deserves."

Regarding Trivium's overall career arc, he says, "looking back at our career and having six records already, every album has does different things for our band...Ascendancy for example did incredibly well in the UK and the US, and didn't really do anything anywhere else. The Crusade, as far as the popular mind went, wasn't well received in the UK and the US but it opened the doors for us in Europe. Shogun wasn't anything that was really talked about when it first came out, but nowadays people hail it as our best album. In Waves blew the doors open for us in Germany, and Vengeance Falls blew the doors open for us in Japan. With every record we have a different faction of fans who appreciate it. It's refreshing I would imagine for the fans that we're a band that never releases the same record twice."

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