Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto has written a tour blog for Noisecreep, documenting the first few days of their current run on the Trespass America tour, and it's pretty interesting and funny...especially when he describes nearly getting into a fight on the street with some kids in Montana.

"Who did we happen to run into on the way back to the hotel? Why, it was some of Billings' finest wannabe 'thugs,'" he writes. "It was sort of silly to exchange words and it of course it turned into a lot of chest beating from them. A few pushes and shoves later we continued on our journey to our bus, still sort of shocked and laughing about the absurdity of our encounter. As we rounded the corner to pass the 7 Eleven across from the parking lot where our bus sat, they showed back up to defend their honor. Now these were young kids, probably freshmen in high school and we're not ones to fight people, especially kids. But they made enough commotion that the cops swung by and told them to take a hike. Funny enough, the cop was a big fan of rock and metal and looked us up on Spotify in his squad car and said we 'shredded!' See, it's never too odd of a situation to make a new fan!"

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