Recently Matt Heafy of Trivium talked to Apogee Electronics about the band's writing process, recording gear and balancing constant touring with writing their new material.

Says the floridian guitarist about post-Shogun writing, “A lot of bands and artists seem to have specific writing time, but with Trivium we're always on tour- so when inspiration strikes, we need to take advantage right away. Since our last record 'Shogun' was released, we've all been constantly jamming separately and collectively while writing new material."

With the newest, still un-named album the band adopted a new collaboration system. "At first, everyone started with either bits of songs, simple riffs, or entire organized songs into demos- then passed them around to everyone in the band. From there, we started learning everyone's songs and then taking them to the stage we're at right now by collectively jamming and working on band production. Even if it was a simple riff- or an entire piece- the song always gets pumped with new ideas when it's worked on as a whole band."

You can read the full profile on Heafy here and make sure to check out Trivium's Website for exclusive news about the upcoming album.