Trivium singer/guitarist Matt Heafy says, "I would love to do something with Lady Gaga or Skrillex, things that are just totally different or even Angelo (Badalamenti) — I’m not going to try to pronounce his last name. He’s the guy that scores all of David Lynch’s movies, he makes really intense, just ambient noise textures, I think he would be really cool to collaborate with." It's all part of his attraction to "doing things that are opposites," according to an interview published today on Loudwire.

Heafy wants to break out of the metal mold, because he feels like no one else is doing anything truly new at the moment. "Metal’s kind of lost right now," he says. "The bands that are touring in metal, they’ve been around for a while now, there’s no one new coming in and doing something different. That’s why with this record. In Waves, we wanted to do something that was completely reactionary towards what we see in our genre and pushing it beyond the boundaries of what a metal band is suppose to look like, what a metal band is supposed to sound like and push everything to a new creative height where it’s not doing things that we’re supposed to do but doing things that we want to do."

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