Come the end of this week, Slipknot was scheduled to be playing shows in the UK. As you know, those shows have been postponed. Slipknot themselves answered as to why. Well, true to their word, the dates were simply POSTPONED, not canceled. In fact, the UK portion of this tour has been fully rescheduled. The new dates are as follows: 2/14/2002 - SE&CC - Glasgow, United Kingdom 2/15/2002 - Manchester Evening News Arena - Manchester, United Kingdom 2/16/2002 - London Arena - London, United Kingdom 2/18/2002 - Brighton Centre - Brighton, United Kingdom 2/19/2002 - Cardiff Arena - Cardiff, United Kingdom 2/20/2002 - Birmingham NEC - Birmingham, United Kingdom note - opening acts for the above dates have yet to be determined note II - all tickets purchased for the previous dates which were canceled are valid for the new dates above note III - did ya happen to notice that these dates kick off on Valentine's Day? It's true... note IV - speaking of Valentine's Day, let's switch to birthdays. The following picture was actually the birthday cake of one of our Roadcrew members, Eric Ramos. Yes, his mom 'kicks ass'. Check it out HERE. And Eric, Happy Birthday... Slipknot IOWA in stores now