"In A Time Of Darkness...In The Face Of Evil..." Can you name where that line comes from? Twas taken from the trailer of the upcoming movie titled The Scorpion King, a movie which is a bit of a spin off from the 2001 released flick The Mummy Returns. Remember that movie? Starring the incredible Brendan Fraser? Starring our own Max Cavalera? Well, Max starred in the sense that he furnished the growling, grunting voice of the Scorpion King. For the upcoming movie The Scorpion King, we go back in time before the events of The Mummy Returns (I think), so far back that Brendan Fraser is not in the flick, and neither is Max's voice...instead, tis purely The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson) as the lead. So, why the hell are we telling you any of this??? It's about time you asked, else we could have gone on longer...THIS FILM, which is actually to be scored (i.e. no rock tunes during the actual movie, simply some composer writing a score for the flick), will be accompanied by a pretty rockin' soundtrack which features songs from two Roadrunner acts - Coal Chamber and Nickelback. And rare songs at that. Coal Chamber - the song they are contributing to the soundtrack is called "Glow", which will appear on their upcoming third release, Dark Days. Though the release date for this project has yet to be set in stone, we can tell you that the release of The Scorpion King soundtrack will be prior, meaning this will be your first chance to get new Coal Chamber. Nickelback - their contribution to this soundtrack happens to be a track called "Yanking Out My Heart". Ever hear of it? Probably not, as this song was actually a b-side from the Silver Side Up sessions, never making it onto the release. The ONLY place where this song has ever been found, was as a b-side on a UK single release. It's true. This soundtrack we speak of is due out March 26th. So you know what you're getting into with the rest of The Scorpion King soundtrack, the track listing for this beaut is as follows: 01 - Godsmack - "I Stand Alone" 02 - P.O.D. - "Set it Off" (Tweaker Remix) 03 - Drowning Pool - "Break You" 04 - System Of A Down - "Streamline" 05 - Creed - "To Whom it May Concern" 06 - Nickelback - "Yanking Out My Heart" 07 - Hoobastank - "Losing My Grip" 08 - Flaw - "Only the Strong" 09 - Rob Zombie - "Iron Head" (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne) 10 - Twelve Stones - "My Life" 11 - Mushroomhead - "Along The Way" 12 - Lifer - "Breathless" 13 - Sevendust - "Corrected" 14 - Injected - "Burn it Back" 15 - Breaking Point - "27" 16 - Coal Chamber - "Glow" in stores March 26th