So, this past Sunday night (01/20) marked the start of Slipknot's European tour. Whilst you punks in the US were getting your playoff football on, cats in Finland were seeing Slipknot for the first time. Yes, Sunday marked Slipknot's first time ever in Finland. In the town of Helsinki before the show Sunday night, Slipknot held an in store appearance, signing goods for the 2,000+ cats that showed up. Mandy, our press guru from across the Atlantic who has been traveling with the band, told there was a line of fans 200 meters long outside the store (if you don't know how long that is, go to Europe and eat ham & cheese baguette sandwiches like a real man), the appearance lasted over two hours, and Slipknot stayed until each and every fan got in. Cheers go out to the Finnish cats for giving Slipknot such a warm reception on their first trip to Finland. The second date on this Euro happened today (01/22) in Sweden. Once again, there was an in store appearance, which started at 4:00pm. Word has it fans started lining up as early as 8:30am. As they have been doing in the states, during "Spit It Out" Slipknot has been having the crowd get down. No more than an hour ago (this is being written at 5:30pm EST) Slipknot just did this for the crowd in Sweden - "I got goose bumps" relayed Mandy. She continued to tell that EVERY person in the audience got down...not like in the US where there is always one or two hard-asses that stay up. Cheers go out to the Swedish cats. Tomorrow (01/23) it's Copenhagen - no in stores, but interviews in some very interesting places, followed by a show later that night. We'll keep you updated on the Slipknot Euro tour front as it continues... Oh, and Mandy leaves us with two last thoughts - 1) "you got to see the drum solo." If you haven't seen Joey's work yet, trust us - check it out. And 2) "brilliant, the shows have been just brilliant". for a full listing of European Slipknot tour dates, check out our TOUR section