Tis that time of year once more, the END of the year...MEANING, that from now up till January, you are going to be hit with year-end stats, achievements, honors, mentions, whatever... For this mention here, a 'cheers' goes out to Type O Negative. Type O is currently on tour with Cradle Of Filth. But that is not the point of this update. Type O's latest release, Life Is Killing Me, is the #1 album on CMJ's year-end spins chart, meaning it was the most played album of the year. THAT, is the point of this update. The chart is comprised of specialty shows on commercial stations as well as large taste-maker college stations. In fact, oddly enough, Roadrunner's own Queen Of Metal (Amy S) created the chart back when she worked at CMJ. True. Did You Know? This is the first time a Roadrunner band has been #1 on the CMJ year-end charts since Slipknot's self-titled debut in 1999. If fact, Roadrunner had the dubious distinction of having 3 years of year end #1s in a row: 1997: Machine Head - The More Things Change 1998: Soulfly - Soulfly 1999: Slipknot - Slipknot ...hence the title of this update, TYPE O MEETS SLIPKNOT, MEETS SOULFLY, MEETS MH. Also true. Congratulations, Type O Negative.