The past two nights at NYC's Irving Plaza marked the end of the East Coast portion of Type O Negative's tour. Upcoming are 8 West Coast dates starting 12/10. I was lucky enough to catch their show last night, marking only my 5th time seeing them live, but easily the best performance I've seen. What made it so good? Actually, maybe it was the set list! The clincher for me was when they played "Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity," from their 1991 debut LP Slow, Deep And Hard, and also on their 2000 release The Least Worst Of.... You know the track ("I know your f#cking someone else..."). From what someone at the show told me, that was the first time they heard the band play that song live in some 7 or so years now. Nonetheless, for you West Coast persons, check the shows out if you have the opportunity, it will not disappoint (see Tour Secion for dates and venues). On another note, check out this month's METAL EDGE mag. There is a cool section that asks, "If money were no object, where would you live?" Johnny Kelly's response? "Next door to King Diamond." Who's King Diamond? DON'T DARE ASK!!! SEE THE WILDCARD SECTION OF THIS SITE (bottom left hand corner of the homepage). The boys from Glassjaw and Fear Factory also respond to the question. Check it out!