Nothing too meaty to feed ya, but here are some quick updates: Coal Chamber - they have thirteen songs written for consideration on their 3rd LP. Though we still have yet to hear any of the demos they are recording out in LA, the band tells us that these tracks are a return to a heavier style...a cross between their self titled debut and "Chamber Music". We are now looking to get them in the studio come January, though no definite dates have been set as of yet... Fear Factory - the mixing of their forthcoming LP "DIGIMORTAL" was completed today. Mastering will take place in January. 36 Crazyfists what is there to tell about the first rock outfit ever to emerge from Alaska? From the VP of A&R here at Roadrunner, all I hear is how excited he is about this project. "Coolest vocals I've ever heard in a band. Unique, different, like nothing else out there right now...Watch for them to blow up in 2001." Well partner, today's your lucky day, we have been given the green light to put up another demo from this band. Check out the Music section under 36 Crazyfists, I just put up a track called "Chalk White". And if you have yet to crank "Circle The Drain", shame on you! Sepultura - as you already know, the band arrives in NYC tomorrow. They will start the mixing of "NATION" this upcoming Tuesday (12/12).