It's that time again- we here at Roadrunner Records have loaded up on the Free Shit section of our site and want to give you some prizes!!!

First off- and ending in only 1 WEEK!- is the DragonForce contest where we will be giving away 13 Ultra Beatdown posters signed by all members of the band!   The contests ends this Friday the 13th.   Friday the 13th, thats right!  After the contest ends you can head back over to the news section of our site for an exclusive update from the band themselves!  See what they have to say.   You can enter the contest now here.

Other new contests include Rob Zombie prints from his Hellbilly Deluxe 2 sessions, a bad ass Metal Pedal for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Slipknot's All Hope Is Gone on vinyl, and BOTH classic Carnivore albums on LP!  Don't miss this!   For all contests head over to the Free Shit section now!