So, got to talking with our man Sean in the art department today. As always, very brief and to the point, but here is what he had to say: Coal Chamber - We have pictures in house from their photoshoot last month with Paul Brown. Word is that Paul went above and beyond. Sean, who never overdramatizes anything, even said "It is of the best photoshoots I've seen since I've been here." Five Pointe O - somewhere outside of Chicago, the Five Pointe O photoshoot is happening today (11/16). What to expect? we shall see... Nickelback - this upcoming Monday and Tuesday, the 2nd ½ of the "Too Bad" video will be shot in Vancouver...2nd ½ being the parts that do not require the band's presence. Sinch - coming soon, yet another photoshoot. This time it's Sinch, and it will be in Philadelphia. AND, Exum will be clicking the may know her name from shooting such bands as say, ummmmm, Slayer? It's true.