A few stray / random notes from the studio: Anyone - started mixing on Monday (02/12) with Mudrock. Figure two weeks for this to be complete, and then to mastering. As I am personally excited about this myself, I hope to get a track for you to listen to soon... Deicide - The most well rehearsed band? That is the word from the Morrisound Studios in Tampa Bay, FL (where Deicide recorded their last lp Insineratehymn). Well, the band will be heading back there shortly. Recording for their next studio LP (yet to be titled) is to start April 9th. More to come... Fear Factory - The one day affair - Mastering of DIGIMORTAL will be happening here in NYC on Wednesday (02/14), yes Valentines Day! Glassjaw - They do have a couple tracks already in the bag for their follow up to Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence. Next week they start more rehearsals & writing sessions in Long Island. Machine Head - The recording of Supercharger now has a start date...recording is to commence March 5th.