So, if you were watching FUSE last night, you would have seen their Year End List on Uranium. Yes ma'am, Uranium, they done gave their Year End List on the show. So, what's to relay? A few highlights are as follows: - Killswitch Engage. KsE took the honors of Catchiest Song for "My Last Serenade," and Best Performance In A Video for "Fixation On The Darkness." Tells Uranium's producer, "those guys might just be the hottest band in music right now." KsE, congrats. (Killswitch Engage is currently touring the US on the MTV2 Headbangers Ball Tour with Lamb Of God and Shadows Fall) - Chimaira. The Uranium show dubs Chimaira with Best Album 2003 honors. The Impossibility Of Reason. And we agree. Chimaira, congrats. (Chimaira is currently less than a week away from a US headline tour run, The Pure Hatred Tour, with Soilwork, Bleeding Through, and As I Lay Dying) - 36 Crazyfists. What's in a name? Would a rose by any other name smell just as sweet? Do You Like Dogs? OH, 36 Crazyfists. This year they got stuck with the Worst Band Name according to Uranium. Sticks and stones...sticks and stones. Not sure congrats are in order for that one, but a toast to next year and the release of 36 CF's A Snow Capped Romance is...onward and upward, to 2004 being a crazy year. (36 Crazyfists is currently holed up in Portland, playing local dates, and getting reading for an early 2004 release for A Snow Capped Romance) - Slipknot. And last, but certainly not least, Slipknot. What did Slipknot get hit with this year according to Uranium? Band you would like to invite home for dinner. Goat soup, anyone? (Slipknot is currently living and recording in the haunted Houdini Mansion out in LA with producer Rick Rubin)