Apparently here at Roadrunner, we am video-makin' fools. Example: What does Nickeback, Ill Nino, 36 Crazyfists, and Red Tape all have in common? New videos on the way... Nickelback - technically, their new video is not on the way, it is in. The song, "Figured You Out," and the final video for this track came in just this week. Did You Know? For the most part, this is a 'live' video. In fact, there is a shot in the video where you see some cat in the front row of a concert wearing a Slipknot t-shirt. True. Video will be making its way online shortly. Stay tuned. Ill Nino - somewhere up in Spanish Harlem in NYC come Monday or Tuesday of next week (w/o 1/12), Ill Nino will be shooting a video for "This Time's For Real." This should be complete and in-house come 2nd week in February. Dirty Americans - somewhere outside of Grand Rapids, MI come the 17th or 18th of this month, the Dirty Americans will be shooting a video for the title track from their upcoming debut, Strange Generation. The video will be shot by Dale Restighini, who happens to be the cat that shot the last three Hatebreed videos. The premise: Think Dazed And Confused meets Detroit Rock City...muscle cars, 70's hipsters, school teachers, rock-n-roll. 36 Crazyfists - out in Cali (where exactly, not quite sure), a new 36 Crazyfists video will be born. Come 1/24, the band will be shooting the video for "At The End Of August," and it should be completed and in-house at the middle of February. Red Tape - shoot it...come January 17th, the first-ever Red Tape video will be shot. Locale: Sacto. That's Sacramento, for the layman. The song: "Stalingrad." Not to mention, surely a Soulfly video will be coming down the chute shortly as well... There you have it...we am video-makin' fools.