The members of Opeth were interviewed by Germany's Rock Hard magazine in the studio where they recorded their latest album, Heritage, for a DVD accompanying issue 291 of the magazine. In the video below, you can see guitarist/vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt, guitarist Fredrik Åkesson and bassist Martin Lopez talking about the studio and the process of making Heritage, which was very different from the way they've recorded in the past (and very different from how most modern metal records are made, as Mikael makes clear).

Check out the video:

Heritage will be in record stores September 20, but you can pre-order the deluxe boxed set version (which includes the album on CD and vinyl, a bonus 7" with two extra songs, a DVD, a litho print of the album art, and much more) now at this link. Opeth will be on tour in North America starting in late September; visit our tour page to find a show near you!