Opeth were recently in New York to play two shows at Webster Hall, in support of their new album Heritage. (We've got photos from the second night here, and video of their soundcheck on the first day here.) Also on the first night - Wednesday, September 21 - guitarist Fredrik Åkesson gave an interview to myMag, which has been split into two parts and can be seen below. Fredrik doesn't seem to get interviewed nearly as often as Mikael Åkerfeldt, so this is definitely worth watching.

In the first clip, Fredrik talks about the guitarists who inspired him, whether Sweden's weather inspires people to play music, when he first met Mikael, and much more:

In the second part, he talks about presenting the new material live, his favorite Opeth album, and more:

Opeth are on the road right now, supporting Heritage; visit our tour page to find a show near you!