In Airbourne's killer video for "No Way But the Hard Way" from their upcoming album No Guts. No Glory. the band walks through "Dinosaur Records" and just wrecks the place.

A concept derived from the band's experience with their former label's demise (as explained in the making of the "No Way" video footage) Airbourne had some fun sticking it to the man.  So naturally, we decided to have a little fun too!

When the guys stopped by our office here in NYC, we had a camera on hand to capture what really happens when they pay a visit to their label.

Check it out, and if you haven't seen the official video for "No Way But the Hard Way," catch that below as well!

No Guts. No Glory. is out on 4/20. Pre-order your copy for a special discount and some added bonuses RIGHT NOW!

The official video: