At the heart of Soulfly is four musicians who are dedicated to their craft, and the proof is not only in their sonic output in seven Soulfly records, but also in their participation in various other musical projects.

Frontman Max Cavalera also holds vocal duties in Cavalera Conspiracy and is formerly of Sepultura and Nailbomb. Guitarist Marc Rizzo is also a solo artist who has released three albums thus far and played with Ill Nino as well as Cavalera Conspiracy. Bassist Bobby Burns is also the frontman of Primer 55, and drummer Joe Nunez also plays in Stripping the Pistol and Slampede. Of their extended music families, Max contends, "The more projects that you do, the better musician you're gonna become."

Watch the guys talk all about it below, and pre-order your copy of Soulfly's upcoming album Omen right here, right now.