Looks like FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS is going to have to be more than a bi-weekly event! We present the following updates - Downer - DOWNER make their video - On Saturday, March 17th the 4-piece went into Sunset Stage in Los Angeles to make a video for their single "Last Time", off their self-titled debut due out on ROADRUNNER Records 4/24. The video was directed by Cory Campodonico for LA production company SHADOWMACHINE and will be a mix of spectacularly lit performance footage and some interesting conceptual elements. Currently some finishing details are being done to the video. We are looking to have it in house come the second week in April. Glassjaw - That's a wrap! Their self produced video for the track "Siberian Kiss" is in house, and ready to go. All we need to do is digitize the piece. Look for it to be up within the next 2 weeks. Spineshank - Last, but certainly not least, SPINESHANK. Currently out on the road with Disturbed, the 2nd video from their sophomore LP The Height Of Callousness, "New Disease", is expected here soon!!! Just how soon? We are looking to have our hands on the final product as early as Monday next week (3/26). Look out for it on the site soon!