The week their latest album, In Waves, was released, Trivium issued a challenge to their fans via cover the title track or "Dusk Dismantled" on guitar (including the solos) and you could win an autographed copy of the disc. Well, the winners have been chosen, and their entries are below. (We'll be contacting them via YouTube to award their prizes.)

Here's xFallenRipper's version of "Dusk Dismantled":

Here's UponABurningGoomba's version of "In Waves":

Here's metalgab518's version of "Dusk Dismantled":

Here's ckbproductions2's version of "In Waves":

Here's croodmiche's version of "In Waves":

Here's Guitardude81597's version of "In Waves":

Here's federojas92's version of "In Waves":

Here's personwhoplaysguitar's version of "In Waves":

And finally, here's Raidenstream's cover of "Dusk Dismantled":

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to all the winners!