As previously written, after Sunday's (08/12) show at Madison Theatre in the great state of Illinois, Ill Nino will be taking a couple dates off from their current tour with Chimaira and Factory 81 to head back to Jersey (yes Jersey) to re-record a couple tracks off their upcoming Revolution...Revolucion release (09/18 street date). Vocalist Cristian Machado will be hitting a studio in Hoboken to redo vocals to four of the tracks off the upcoming release. However, this time around he will be singing the four songs in Spanish. With drummer Dave Chavarri engineering the recording, the chosen tracks are "Unreal", "What Comes Around", "I Am Loco", and another that has yet to be decided. note - these Spanish versions of the songs will not be on the Revolution...Revolucion release. Where and when they might surface has yet to be determined. aslo note - Ill Nino's next show after the Madison Theatre gig, will be at the WSOU Anniversary show on 08/19 at Riverfront Stadium in New Jersey (speaking of which, just how many times has Jersey been written on this site in the past couple days???). Other acts playing that night include the Misfits, Biohazard, Hatebreed, CHIMAIRA, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, Six Feet Under, God Forbid, Lamb of God, Thursday, Skinlab, and Dog Fashion Disco, among others... Ill Nino will join back up with Chimaira and Factory 81 on the road for the rest of the tour starting 08/21 in the hometown of Chimaira, Cleveland, OH.