Fuse is letting their viewers determine the #1 music video of 2010, and this year it won’t be Britney. In fact, if Stone Sour's loyal fans have anything to do with it, it very well could be "Say You'll Haunt Me." The secrect society -inspired video has been nominated and is up against Linkin Park in round one which starts today!

The video has to make it through five rounds of elimination and voting is already underway AT THIS LOCATION. Round one ends at 6pm EST on Wednesday, November 4th and there is NO limit on how many times you can cast yours, so get to it and vote often!

The #1 video will be revealed on Saturday, December 4th at 7pm EST on the Top 40 of 2010. Hosted by Allison Hagendorf and Juliya, the 4-hour countdown will take viewers through the year’s biggest songs and artists while revisiting 2010’s most memorable music moments. If you think Stone Sour should be part of that, then go HERE to vote now!

Stone Sour "Say You'll Haunt Me"