Tuesday Marks Release Day For your listening and viewing pleasure, today (01/23) marks the release of the reissue of the 2 legendary Carnivore recordings, "Carnivore" and "Retaliation", as well as "Anthology" by the influential and ground breaking death metal band Obituary. What can you expect? Hard hitting, crushing music with never seen before photos of both acts. Carnivore - Peter Steele's band before Type O Negative, this hardcore outfit gives a prophetic glimpse into our dismal future. What would the world be like if a World War III were to annihilate civilization as we know it? One listen to these Carnivore recordings and you will know! You will see it too, the packaging is great. Obituary - Formed by Trevor Peres (guitar) and Donald Tardy (drums) when they were merely 14 and 15 years old, Obituary, then called Xecutioner, went on to become one of the most brilliant, complex, and brutal death metal bands of all time. There is a tale to be told behind this band, and "Anthology" is the story of their music, a retrospective of their ten year career as death metal masters including 2 previously unreleased tracks. All albums are on the streets now!