Previously this week we passed along the news of Tony Bono's passing. Tony Bono was the bassist for the speed/thrash metal act Whiplash...and along with Carnivore, they were the first two bands ever signed to Roadrunner Records in the United States. In honor of Tony, we are throw out an MP3 from their sophomore Roadrunner release, 1987's Ticket To Mayhem. The song, "Walk The Plank". Why this song? Patrick Lowe from our press department saw a couple Whiplash cd's sitting out whilst walking around the office yesterday. "Walk The Plank," he said, "that tune fuckin' rules." Patrick's explanation is as follows: "I can still remember to this day hearing this song for the very first time. It instantly put me in a headbanging frenzy at the ripe old age of 12. Pure insane speed metal at its best. This song had a breakdown before anyone put breakdowns in their songs. And this was a 3-piece band, none the less! Now I know where hardcore and metal bands from Hatebreed to Megadeth got their influences. Listen to this song, you can hear where Megadeth got the riff for "Holy Wars" and "Peace Sells"." Patrick, thanks for the tip... To the 12 year old kids out there, watch out... To Tony Bono, Rest In Peace, this one is for you... "Walk The Plank" from Whiplash is up for the taking in our MUSIC section.