Want Free Shit? A reminder to tell you what's going on right now, and some things to come. Right now, we are giving away tickets to The Oracle Tour, featuring Kittie plus Dry Kill Logic and Ill Nino. A pair of tickets to one cat for every date on the tour. Tour goes until late September...keep checking for your town... What else? You have about 36 hours left to sign up and win ticket to see the Misfits on Halloween night here in NYC. To come? More chances to win more tickets, cd's, and random swag...plus now Marketing Matt informs us to look out for for various Extreme Sport dvd's in 2002. Courtesy of Marketing Matt's Extreme World Of Marketing. interesting fact: on the rolling agenda for website meetings here at Roarunner, there is a topic titled Matt's Exteme Marketing, We shit you not... Well, before we divulge a little too much info, we remind you, check out our Free Shit. Dry Kill Logic The Darker Side Of Nonsense and Ill Nino Revolution...Revolucion in stores now