This must be a record, Chimaira have been signed to this label for just a day and already this is the 3rd news posting on the band! And this third posting goes a little something like this - Chimaira will be hitting the road starting Sunday (03/04) for a stretch of five dates, one of which is with our very own Soulfly, and another 2 with the ever popular Shadows Fall (you remember the FORUM on these guys)! The next week for Chimaira shapes up as follows - 03.04.01 - Cleveland, OH - The Odeon (Featuring Soulfly, Hatebreed) 03.05.01 - Scranton, PA - Tinks (w/ Hatebreed, Amen) 03.06.01 - Erie, PA - Forward Hall (w/ Hatebreed, Amen) 03.07.01 - Grand Rapids, MI - Intersection (w/ Amen, Shadows Fall) 03.08.01 - Detroit, MI - I-Rock (w/ Amen, Shadows Fall) See what Cleveland's Best Hardcore Band has to offer!