Megadeth's latest video for "The Right To Go Insane" off their critically acclaimed album Endgame features frontman Dave Mustaine stealing an army tank in Southern California and terrorizing the streets.

The storyline is a fictional dramatization based on real events that took place on May 17th, 1995 when a San Diego man "took matters into his own hands" and carried out the same actions we see Mustaine take part in.

"If I am going to carjack something, I'm going to do it Mustaine-style and go over the top like my new M-60 Abram's tank with a sunroof," Mustaine recently joked to Noisecreep about the Bill Fishman-directed video.

In an interview about the 2009 album, Mustaine was quoted as saying, "'The Right To Go Insane' is a song about having been wiped out, like so many Americans, from the recession and potential depression years of 2000." And while the main storyline sees Mustaine's character's reaction to this situation, the video also offers flashbacks of the plights that led to his breakdown.

Watch the politicaly-charged video that Dave warns, "even though it looks like fun... don't try this at home" below and get your copy of Endgame RIGHT HERE.